Midterm Holga Images

Ok – I promised to add to my blog some images from my new Holga shooting.  So rather than show you many images, I’ll come down to the best edit and show you  my six images for my midterm in the AAU Masters class, Pinhole and Plastic Camera’s. I can’t count on how the color will look on the images, sicne each monitor views color differently, but I assure you the colors look good printed as a six image series. The images here are jpeg’s for the web.

These images come from my emotional love and respect of the subject.  I thought they would lend themselves to the Holga’s soft and romantic interpretation and at the same time show my enthusiasm and curiosity.   I am drawn to the subject and realized that when I need to de-stress and be in nature, that it is the Marin and Sonoma County countryside full of amazing trees and their environments that I head out to.  I love the time of day, early to later afternoon, on either a sunny or slightly overcast day, because that adds to my joy and freedom of “getting away” from pressure and “taking time out” in nature and enjoying the beauty of colors, sky, water, hills and trees. There are so many unique trees and their environments, all for the “taking”.    The series is simply entitled:   “Trees And Their Environments”     Enjoy!  And go out and shoot your own Holga images…


Lake Y Trees

Heavenly Hill

Olompali Oak

Trees Of Rock

Distant Beauty

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