Some random Holga images

Hi, I’m back again, and have been pretty busy.  As many of you know I am in my final semester of my Masters in Fine Arts Program in Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  It’s been a tough semester since it’s the semester besides class work, I have to present my Final Thesis, so I took the Pinhole and Plastic Camera class to do something different from my thesis and to have some fun in the process.

So in preparation for my final in my Pinhole and Plastic Camera class I have been out shooting some images towards that final on a pretty regular basis and in between rain storms.  So here I am going to post eight of these images, none of which I will be using for my final images. I may end up using the same place but a different shot that I like better and fits in with the series better.  They are again all shot with the wonderful Holga – the little plastic miracle camera.  I was searching out “Quaint Architecture”, places  to me that speak to me of a time long past when things were slower and life was less complicated and more romantic, which I will speak about more when I post the final.  These are not my final choices, just wanted you to see some of the ones moving towards the final images.   Enjoy…


Nicasio School #2_ Nicasio_Ca_ 1870

Nicasio School_Nicasio_Ca_1870



St Teresa Church_Bodega_Ca

Tomales Presbyterian Church_Tomales_Ca


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